Viber Hack Plus

Viber is one of the most used popular social networking app with over eight hundred million users worldwide. Available with over thirty languages worldwide it has most of its active user from North America, Eastern Europe and South Asia. Is has features like Viber Out which allows user to call over the internet to mobile and landline without any cost, this feature for originally launched for typhoon hit people in Philippines. After it’s success there it was launched worldwide. The new Viber App 6.0 features end to end encryption which is the most secure form of connection to date.

Viber Plus Hack LogoViber Hack Plus is a new application designed to spy on Viber accounts of other people. This application is Based On FBI’s own Spy Application which they use to spy on their suspects. The Viber Hack Plus uses they same algorithms to bypass TCP and UDP ports of Viber Servers making the security clueless about the activity going on their. It has the ability to extract and download the text messages, media files and contact details. Using this application is very easy and secure the application is online based so you don’t need to worry about any IP address leak. This application has been a good friend to people who want to spy and look at the tracks of their partners.

The original application is developed by Viber itself for the government agencies to track on suspects. We have created the same app using its algorithms and database files to hack on to a Viber account, The Algorithms and database files were leaked by the Syrian Electronic Army which helped us a lot to make this application.  All you have to do is to enter the mobile number of the account and it will extract all the information present on the server to your screen. Since the server’s have data up to 180 days of a user, you can view messages and media even if the user has deleted them. This way if you have mistakenly deleted any media file from your own account then you can recover files and messages using this application. To make sure you can access this application that’s why we have made it on an online platform. Just make sure you have a supported browsers like the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc.

You must also be careful when using the Application as it doesn’t allow you to send any text messages. As the original application is made only to track on messages NOT send or edit any messages or media. The Application is basically a source where you can access data files of any Viber User and display the data into a convenient way to read and understand. In Other Words, the application is meant to monitor NOT use someone’s Viber Account. You also have the ability to track down the location of the user if he has turned his location ON in his smartphone.

On using the application, make sure you enter the correct mobile number along with the country code. If the application takes time to connect to the server please be patience it is normal when using these types of complexity applications. It can take a maximum of 10 minutes to connect however in most cases you can get connected within a minute. If you don’t get connect in 10 minutes refresh the page and try again later this can be due to high load on the Servers. Once you get connected you don’t have worry about any server related issues as the application download all the database at once to your browser. Make sure you do not close your browser as this will delete the database. If you do so you then have to connect the viber account again and literally meaning you have to complete the whole hack process again.