Viber Features with Version 7.4

The Newest viber version 7.4 offers a lot to than compared to its predecessors. Here are a list of features currently you can have with Rakuten Viber

  • Private ConversationsPrivate Conversation features allow users to have a their conversations much secure than any form. It offers end to end encryption, Message Deletion Options as well as hidden chat feature.
    The end to end encryption makes sure no one can intercept you conversations. The Hidden Chat option allows the user to hide the whole conversation of the contacts they wish to hide from someone. When anyone gets access to your phone or tablet or any other device he won’t be able to see the chats on the main screen of Viber. The message deletion option gives the user to delete some messages sent and received however this won’t affect the users who are connected to the chat or group chat of the deleted messages. Meaning the messages will be only deleted from your device NOT theirs.
  • Video CallingViber let’s you make video calls to other people for free. You can even watch a movie together on Viber even when you are not physically together. You can also send an Instant video which is captured by your camera. Sharing YouTube Videos is another feature with more customization settings and an in-build YouTube Video Search Bar.
  • Phone Number Changing FacilityViber has a phone calling feature where you are assigned a phone number to call non-viber users around the world even on cellular networks with a fixed charge. With the latest version of viber you can now change your phone number without loosing any data history like messages, media or contacts on the same device.
  • Multiple Messages TO Multiple Recipients and control media settingsViber now allows you send a single message to multiple people. Now you don’t have to send out a single message to each person individually. You also now have the ability to control which quality you want to share a video or photo. Viber allows you to send files as large as 200MB but if your video is above 200MB limit you can reduce it resolution quality and send it over with less file size.
  • Chat Extensions
    Chat Extensions allows users to use just the things they want to use while chatting. It basically adds a small window in the screen where you can watch videos, read news, book a vacation or browse any thing on internet which chatting in the large window in the screen. It is meant to give the user an option to do extra work while chatting.
  • Group Chats
    Group chat is one of the most common feature in today’s social networks. But Viber offers an extra-ordinary features which puts aside all networks. In Viber you can add people to your Viber group even if they don’t have viber. The Viber group chat has a link, whoever opens the link will be added to group chat.
  • Delete Messages
    Viber allows users to delete sent messages. Like any other thing on earth we make mistakes likewise, while chatting we accidentally send a message we didn’t wanted to send. Viber gives us an option to delete this message.
  • Secret Chats
    Secret chats allows users to start a chat in secret mode. The messages sent over this chat between users are deleted automatically over a period and the messages cannot be forwarded by any user.
  • Windows 10 Desktop
    Viber has been optimized for desktops specially for Microsoft Windows 10. In desktop you do not miss any messages or media files you had in your other device. The desktop features large emotions view to make it good looking. Like many other devices you can have video calls over the desktop.
  • Anti-Spam measures
    Viber has disallowed bulk messages to fight spam. Viber also sends some data of specific users to it’s main office Rakuten to check the users spam history and fraudulent behavior. Viber also updates it’s app regularly to fix any bug which can cause a security breach.
  • Emotions icons
    Emotions express you feeling or mood which chatting. Viber has some of the best of it in a very clean and high quality manner. They are big enough to show the expressions in the best manner and small enough to be scary! You won’t have to give a second look to determine what the emotion mean. Real face emotion is as big as your screen or maybe even bigger but viber offers the best size so it fits in your screen as well as doesn’t even look to big or small.
  • GIFs
    GIFs have been for a while in the market and a lot of people want to use this old school feature. GIFs make a sentence understandable with just a picture. The very thing is it also informs the people what emotion does that sentence or word carry with it. Viber features it own search engine which shows you the best relevance GIFs based on your search input.
  • Historical Data
    Viber makes sure you don’t loose any of your data so it saves a backup of your data files which include your messages, contact list, media files, documents etc. You can access it when you have installed the app and provide your phone number along with the password. There are a import last backup option. Backups are most saved up to months. But if you want to save years of data you can use alternative backups like iCloud or Google Drive as viber offers third party backup option.