Getting Started

Viber was developed by Viber Media a Israeli company in late 2010 by an Ex-Military person it has over eight-million users worldwide and is now operated by it’s new owner Rahuten based in Japan. It is a cross-platform application which supports nearly all devices on this planet some of them are iOS( Launched 2010), Android( Launched 2012), BlackBerry and Windows Phone( Both launched in May, 2012). After success, applications for Nokia’s Symbain and Samsung’s Bada platform were launched. It is most used in android and iOS platforms. Android and iOS users can use their respective application stores to download and install the app i.e. for Android – PlayStore and for iOS – App Store. Viber added support for the voice in 2014 which enables users to make a call to other viber users as well as non-viber users.  The viber voice feature assigns you a phone number to make phone calls with the new latest version you have the ability to change the phone number when you want. But Remember this phone number is also used for calling back to you by other users. This feature has been put in to compete other applications like Skype. It is currently employing the 7.4 version. There are several in-app purchases as well in the app most of the in-app products are the viber credit pack which is needed to make phone calls, there are also stickers packs which costs around $2 per pack. You can use Viber Hack to get the in-app purchases with emptying your pocket. The Viber credit pack ranges from $0.99 – $9.99 – The more you purchase the credit at a time the more you get the credit line. The bigger pack has most of the savings.

Viber Phone Calls View
Viber and Skype Price Comparison Chart
Viber Stickers
Viber On Samsung Bada Platform

The Viber Media Company also distributes other applications based on the categories of games some of which are Viber Diamond Rush, Viber Twilight Town, Viber sweets etc.